9 Reasons why it´s worth

working together with PaPicante

Below you will find the 9 most important reasons for a cooperation with us, so that you can check out quickly if working together with PaPicante could be interesting for you, too.

Let´s realize together the ambitious vision of PaPicante: “To clean up the savory snack market.”



#1 A real USP

Together with us you will profit of a real USP: PaPicante is the first savory, healthy and delicious snack bar in international flavors that satisfies your hunger perfectly between meals and on the go.



#2 Superfood pea as a basic ingredient

Small, green, roly-poly – and so damn healthy!

Our hidden star among the ingredients are Pea Protein Crisps out of the local superfood pea, basically one of the most important sources of vegetable protein. The demand on products based on Pea Protein will increase quickly in the next few years so that our ‘PaPis’ are your key to new trend markets.



#3 Product development based on 30 years of know

When it comes to product development, our unique product is based on 30 years of know how and practical expertise - due to the cooperation with a rewarded institute in food technologies. That´s why you will hit the market with an absolutely innovative and competitive product!



#4 Perfect timing

Seize the moment by joining us right from the start and be part of the development of a promising brand – that´s how you ensure your competitive edge.



#5 Cooperation on eye level

Look forward to a rewarding and trustworthy cooperation on eye level – the dedicated and qualified team behind PaPicante consists of ambitious, open-minded thinkers who will react flexible to your wishes and always look for new solutions.



#6 Go big or go home

Being a cooperation partner of PaPicante you will address the „mobile eater“ and the „quality eater“, which already today is a large and promising target market that's supposed to grow rapidly in the future years. That´s why not only we want to conquer Europe with our international product but also are looking forward to worldwide cooperations.



#7 Attractive and transparent brand presence

Papicante offers you and your customers an attractive and transparent brand presence. As a customer-oriented company we are present on all major social media channels – that´s how PaPicante gains attention as well as fame and becomes an attractive brand that is bought and not sold.



#8 Independant management

As a young and healthily growing company we are independent from external shareholders and investors and are always able to act in our customers and partners interests – that´s how we also make sure to consequently live our core values “authenticity”, “diversity” and “cosmopolitanism” and to reach or goals with a clear policy.



#9 Different from everybody else

„Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.“

Regarding this wisdom of Confucius we enjoy our work every single day and put in plenty of enthusiasm. And as soon as you and your employees have tried our first PaPi, you probably won´t move on without us.



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