• About PaPicante

    • What’s special about  papicante?

      PaPicante is the new savory, healthy and delicious snack bar in international flavors that satisfies your hunger perfectly between meals and on the go. to our PaPi's

    • who is behind all that?

      Behind PaPicante there is a young start-up from Southern Germany, that wants to revolutionize the savory snack market with its innovative PaPis. Get to know the PaPi Crew to our PaPi crew

    • Where can I learn more about PaPicante and the latest news?

      Interesting information and the latest news around PaPicante can be found on our front page below “Story”, on our homepage-own blog (available in German only) or via or Social Media Channels   facebook, instagram, pinterest und youtube.

  • Our product

    • Why does Papicante use peas as basic ingredient?

      According to the slogan „small, green, roly-poly – and so damn healthy“ peas are the hidden stars among the local superfoods due to their nutritional features and most of all they are one of the most important sources of vegetable protein. Mainly being cultivated in the European Union and non-GMO (compared to often genetically modified soy) peas are also a good match for PaPicante in terms of sustainability. Thanks to their additional characteristics “glutenfree”, “rich in fiber and minerals” plus “long filling”, peas are the perfect basic ingredient for an innovative and healthy snack.

    • Who are the PaPis made for?

      Basically our PaPis are made for everyone who appreciates a balanced and varied diet – no matter as a snack between meals on the go or at home as a substitute for greasy and high-calorie snacks. Due to our different flavors and features (with meat flavor – vegetarian – vegan) there is really a matching PaPi for every nutritional preference.

    • What's the shelf life of the PaPis and how do I store them preferably?

      The shelf life of our PaPis is approximately 9-12 months and they should be stored cool and dry. In order to guarantee a steady quality even on the go on hotter days they should be kept from direct sunlight and heat.

    • Can athletes also snack PaPis with a clear conscience?

      Of course! Due to the healthy, clean and authentic ingredients and the combination of “high fiber” and “plant-based source of protein” our PaPis are virtually predestined for athletes.

    • When and where are your PaPis eaten up in particular?

      Everywhere on the go, where you don´t want to refrain from a healthy and delicious snack, for example when you are in a hurry during your lunch break, while working out, outside enjoying nature, on airplanes or trains, while travelling in general, at a late hour or as an after-work snack and whenever you are up for a savory snack without regret…

    • Do you plan on additional flavors?

      Right now, we offer our PaPis in the 3 flavors American, Asian and Mediterranean Style – for the near future however we are planning on additional tasty and exotic flavors.

  • Order & payment

    • Does PaPicante have a minimum order value and can I order bars separately?

      Basically PaPicante has no minimum order value; instead of that we offer you different packages for different occasions or events. If you don´t know our PaPis yet, we recommend our STARTER-KIT with 6 delicious bars in order to get to know them. Our classic offer for all savory snack lovers is the FAN-KIT with 12 bars in our “compact package” for convinced repeaters. And for all real PaPi Fans the one and only option is our clever “special offer package” SURVIVOR-KIT consisting of 24 bars. Learn  here where to buy our bars separately and offline.

    • What payment methods can I choose from?

      PaPicante offers you the following payment options:

      credit card – paypal – immediate transfer – advance payment

      For further information click here.

    • Will I receive an order confirmation automatically?

      Of course, after finishing the order process you will automatically receive an order confirmation via e-mail. So please keep in mind to fill in correctly your personal data.

    • How do I keep track of my orders?

      After every order you receive an order confirmation via e-mail. Your order history can also be checked in the customer area (provided that you have created a customer account previously). Additionally you have the possibility to contact us any time via e-mail or phone.

    • How does PaPicante ensure my data privacy?

      First of all, PaPicante acts in accordance with the generally accepted data protection guidelines of the Federal Republic of Germany.

      Our verified and certified online-shop has received the quality seal „geprüfter Webshop“ (= verified webshop”). Thanks to SSL certification your online communication is secured and the non-disclosure of your data is protected.

      With regard to payment we only collaborate with proved payment providers. For further information please see our privacy policy.

    • To whom can I refer in terms of questions regarding the issues “order & payment”?

      In order to get answered any question you can contact our PaPi customer service anytime via e-mail or phone.

    • How do I benefit from a registration at PaPicante?

      You just have to enter your personal data once and after that you can order anytime and easily after logging-in via username and password.

    • Can I also buy my PaPis at retail?

      Yes you can. Some retailers already have our PaPis in stock. Our  Shopfinder will help you find PaPi distributors in your area.

  • Delivery

    • How much are the shipping costs and to which countries does PaPicante ship to?

      The shipping costs within Germany with DPD are only 2,90€.

      You will find an overview of countries PaPicante ships to and international shipping costs here.

    • Can I save myself the shipping costs?

      Yes you can. Clever PaPi fans can save the complete shipping costs within Germany on orders starting from a value of 55 Euros!

    • How long takes the shipping?

      Shipping usually takes 2-4 weekdays within Germany.

      The delivery time to other countries usually takes 3-5 weekdays.

    • Who are your shipping partners?

      In order to make sure that your PaPis will reach their destination safe and sound, we cooperate with DPD within Germany and with DPD & UPS within Europe.

    • Can I track my PaPi shipment?

      Yes you can – with your personal tracking number (that we will send you by e-mail), you can keep an eye on your PaPi delivery.

    • Can I return the PaPis?

      Yes you can – provided that they are still originally packaged and within the official period of 14 days. Once they have been opened, we unfortunately can´t take them back (as we are dealing with food). If you don´t know our PaPis yet, we recommend you to start with our Starter-Kit consisting of 6 bars – the perfect amount to get to know us!

  • Your question hasn´t been answered yet? Do not hesitate to contact us anytime via e-mail us or just give us a call!


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